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Ramli and Lina

Hello, apa khabar semua. Setelah sekian lama asyik baca ajer cerita2 sex kat sini maka aku rasa kini giliran aku pulak untuk contribute something. So bacalah kisah yg aku paparkan ni. Sorry ler sebab ianya dlm english tapi at least kalau ada minah salleh masuk site ni dia pun boleh enjoy kan..kan…kan. Bagi setiap dara, janda dan isteri orang kalau nak contact I e-mail kat Aku gerenti layan punyer….after all aku ni kan buaya muahahahaha…..Enjoy the story. Bye.

It was last fall that I spent a week with my friends Ramli and Lina in Genting. Ramli's father is a successful lawyer and has timeshare condos all over the world, and unlike most people with timeshares, they actually use them. Ramli and I were good friends in college and had done a lot of travelling together, so it wasn't a surprise and asked if Rose, my girlfriend, and I wanted to spend a week with him and Lina. Unfortunately, Rose had to cancel at the last minute, and I went alone to meet Ramli and Lina.

I arrived and Lina picked me up at the bus stop. We drove back to their condo, chatting about this and that and generally just passing the time and catching up with each other. Eventually we arrived at their condo and I unpacked my stuff into the room I'd be sleeping in. Then the three of us went out to eat. At dinner, Ramli ribbed me about Rose. I was the last one in the world that they imagined settling down with anybody. I tried to tell them that Rose and I weren't all that much of an item, but they kept pressing me. They asked when I was planning on getting married, when we'd be having kids, and so on. Nothing I could do would convince them that we really only just used each other for a more-than-occasional fuck. I told them that we'd seen other people; that we'd had sex with other people. They just wouldn't let it rest, and the more they ribbed me about her, the more irritated I became. They finally, though, let it rest and we enjoyed dinner in relative peace. We talked about Ramli's family. His mother and father were planning a cruise to Europe for the upcoming summer. After dinner, we went back to the condo and
sipped tea.

Michel's father's condo is absolutely beautiful. It has two large bedrooms that come off a two-story great room with large glass windows that span an entire wall. Just beyond the windows is a private deck with a Jacuzzi; the whole thing overlooks the mountains. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. We sat in the great room watching the sunset drinking coffee when Lina suggested that we all get into the Jacuzzi on the deck. I had brought my swim suit in anticipation of spending many an hour relaxing in the warm bubbling water, so I readily agreed. We all disappeared into our rooms to change and then met out on the deck. Ramli filled up the hot tub and in no time at all, we were all sitting in the warm foaming water sipping the cool white coffee and enjoying the beautiful view. We were all on one side of the tub, Lina in between Ramli and myself.

We were talking and Ramli and Lina again began asking me about Rose. I laughed at them saying that I was honest when I told them earlier that the relationship wasn't that serious. Something lightly brushed against my leg. I ignored it, chalking it up to the movement of the water. They asked if I'd really had sex with other women while Rose and I had been seeing each other. I said yes and again felt something brush against my leg. It was a brief touch, lightly pressing against my skin and then disappearing. It seemed to me that Ramli and Lina were acting oddly. While we've always been close and open about our sex lives, they seemed overly interested in my relationship with Rose. Ramli had moved a little away from the Lina and myself and looked at me intently. He asked if the opportunity arose for me to have sex with someone out there in Genting, there wouldn't be anything to stop me. I laughed and replied that I guessed not. Then I felt a hand grab my cock under the water. It was Lina. I sat there in stunned silence as Lina slipped her hand underneath the elastic waistband of my swim suit. She firmly grasped by dick and squeezed it. I responded quickly to her touch, become hard under her fingers. She smiled at both Ramli and myself as she stroked my lengthening cock.

I looked at Ramli, trying to figure out exactly what was going on. Did he know? Was he aware his wife was playing with me just below the surface of the water? I didn't want to say anything, but with the way Lina was pumping my cock, it was going to become pretty apparent what was happening. Ramli studied my face as his wife continued playing with me. Lina had pulled my cock all the way out of my swim suit and was gently squeezing the tip rhythmically. Then she wrapped her entire had around the shaft and pushed down to its base, pressing the heel of her hand against my balls. Squeezing tightly, she moved back to the tip, drawing her fingers over the head before she moved back down to the base. She was driving me close to the point of coming. I remained silent, desperately trying not to give away what Lina was doing to me under the water. Ramli just sipped his coffee, seemingly oblivious to his wife's actions. One hand held the glass of coffee. Ramli's other hand was somewhere under the water's surface, hidden in the bubbles.

Not being able to resist, I reached over into Lina's lap. I pulled the bottom of her suit to the side to run fingers into her slit. As I pulled the suit away, I felt that skin was bare; her pussy had no hair. I turned to look at her quizzically, her hand on my cock and my fingers sliding over her hairless pussy. She just smiled naughtily at me, sipped her coffee with her free hand, and squeezed my cock harder under the water. I took her response to my unasked question as encouragement to press on. I first slid one finger into her to be quickly followed by a second. Her cunt muscles gripped my tightly as I fingered her under the water. I pulled my fingers out and moved them to the top of her slit, pressing them firmly against the clit that throbbed strongly under my touch. The grip on my cock lessened as a quiet sigh escaped Lina's slightly-parted lips. Ramli turned to look at us. I immediately stopped caressing Lina's shaven pussy, and her hand immediately pulled away from my hard cock, leaving me frustrated and wanting more. I was close to orgasm, and she knew it.

Ramli must have seen the panic in my eyes. He asked if I felt all right and I stammered out that I was fine. Then Lina gave everything away. She moved away from me to kiss Ramli. Then she turned towards me and straddled my hips. In one quick movement, she slid her cunt over down onto my cock. She moaned loudly as she sank her weight don onto me, driving my dick up into her tight pussy. I tried to push her off, but Lina kissed me strongly on my mouth as she began to move up and down on top of my hard cock. She was fucking me right there in front of Ramli. I didn't know what to do; I looked at Ramli expecting him to explode with anger. Instead, I was surprised to see him stand up and walk over to us. His cock was hanging out of the top of his swim suit. He had it in his hand, stroking its length. He sat down next to us on the edge of the Jacuzzi and his wife's mouth immediately left my face to take in Ramli's cock. Ramli looked down at me and asked if I was sure that I'd have sex with a willing woman if the opportunity presented itself. I realized, with my cock deep in his wife's pussy, that the entire thing had been a set-up.

A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders and I reached up to caress Lina's breasts through her swimsuit. As I rolled her nipples under my thumbs, I looked up at Ramli and laughed, saying that I probably would. The water splashed against the side of the Jacuzzi with every movement Lina made on my cock. Her cunt was like a vise, her muscles wanting to pull the come from me. I jerked my hips, thrusting against her movements: as she came down, I pressed upwards. When she moved away from me, I pulled my cock from her. As we fucked, Lina had as much of her husband's cock in her mouth. She balanced herself with one hand and used the other to follow her mouth up and down Ramli's hard cock. Her movements on my cock echoed that on Ramli's.

Before long, both Ramli and I were trusting frantically into Lina. I into her tight little pussy and Ramli into her sweet mouth. Lina was groaning with every push of my cock into her; she was pounding herself on my cock swiftly, and I felt my orgasm approaching. I lowered my hands to Lina's hips, pulling her against me as my climax passed the threshold; I held her tightly against my body as wave after wave of my come shot from my cock into Lina's cunt. Next to me, Ramli was holding Lina's hair as he also was coming. Lina took every drop of his come into her mouth, swallowing each pulse as he shot it into her. Lina pulled away from Ramli's cock and he sighed loudly, relaxed. Slowly she pulled herself off of my softening cock to look at the two of us. We were all exhausted and didn't say a single work as she stood up, straightened her suit, grabbed a towel and walked inside.


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